One Thing I’ve Learned in Class

I am a strong believer in continuing our education. Whether it be college, community classes, workshops etc. Whatever works best for our individual situations.

One of the things that I do, for my writing, is I am a member of the League of Utah Writers. The chapter I belong to likes to focus on learning and improving our writing skills. So we have speakers, workshops and sometimes we critique each other’s work.

I loved one thing that a former member of our chapter, Clint Johnson, taught us and that was to write for 15 minutes each day. No matter what. This is something that I struggle with, and this year I am going to focus on achieving it. The reason it is so important to write for 15 minutes each day is something amazing happens subconsciously. Not only will it become a habit, but after 3 weeks, your subconscious will continue to work on your book. See, your mind thinks there’s a problem and it needs to solve it. Since it is always on your mind, it must be important. Even while you sleep, your brain is working on your book.

While I was following this guideline, I was just to the point of the “final battle” in my book. Before I was going to write I was walking my dog, and a whole new twist in my story just slammed into my brain! There was no way I could finish the book now!!! So I went with it. It opened up my book to become a trilogy instead of just one book. It was awesome!

Then I let life get in the way ~sigh~ and I started skipping days because my schedule became so horrendous. But I really need to get back into writing everyday because, not only do I enjoy it, but I am at that point again. I am just starting to write the final battle and I need as much help with it from my brain as I can. AND, I am already getting ideas for the trilogy that follows after this one, and a prequel trilogy. My brain is getting so full of ideas and story lines that I’m getting antsy to start on it. But first things first, I need to finish my book I’m doing now. I’m sooo close!

So, until next week. I’m now off to write for my 15 minutes.


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