Wahoo!!! I just saw the beginnings of the cover for book 2 in my series. So exciting!!!


Just a little bit of exciting news: our son, Jacob, turned in his mission papers on Easter Sunday. In about 2 weeks he will receive his mission call from church headquarters. We will be watching the mailbox very closely! So proud of him!!!!

Just thought I’d share a little poem that I wrote nearly 20 years ago.

Children say the funniest things,
They run and shout and laughter rings
Throughout the house and off the walls.
Don’t mind the mess, step over the balls.
Pick up a pencil and write it all down,
Just as they say it, just as it sounds.
Then you’ll always have it, good or bad,
To cheer you up when you’re feeling sad.

It was entered into a national contest and won Honorable Mention, and they published it in their book. 

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much! I am overwhelmed by the response of my sale for my kindle ebook this last weekend. It more than exceeded my expectations. If you could do me a favor and write me a review on Amazon when you are finished reading it, that would be awesome! Thank you again.

This is a test.

It is only a test.


Feeling Silly

Last summer I was looking for an exercise routine that I could do. There are so many options out there, but with my injured foot, they are actually quite limited. 14 years ago I shattered my heel and ankle, and so with a plate & 9 screws holding my foot together, I don’t have full mobility, and it is in constant pain. Therefore, even if my Dr. hadn’t told me to be careful, most exercise is off limits to me.

So my sister suggested Zumba, and I tried that for awhile, until it started agravating my foot. Even with me just standing, and shaking my bootie, it caused my ankle to swell and I couldn’t do my everyday activites that needed to be done. It was still straining my ankle.

So now, my son bought a dvd exercise system called Hip Hop Abs. The most it doesis step side to side. I think I can do that. So I did the first routine today. Hahaha!

I have been a dancer my entire life, well, until my injury, and I had fun! My feet felt solid on the ground, which is always a good thing. But you know that feeling when you’re trying your hardest to keep up, but you’re moving left when you’re supposed to be moving right, or arms up when they really should be out. Yeah, that was me. I’m just glad no one was watching. But you just wait until tomorrow. I’ll nail it!

Thanks Anthony, for getting this and telling me I should try it. I really had a good time!!!

Update on game

Well, the programmer finally got the artwork from the animators in the correct files. Now he will be able to start putting the game together. So excited! Now we just need to get the awesome music to him and we will be set. Looking forward to it.